Other services: Internal audit, Bookkeeping, Translations

Internal auditing: Rima Ingstad has completed a qualification course in internal auditing organized by the Association of Internal Auditors and received a certificate confirming the passing of the test (Certficate of Completion of Internal Audit Trainings). 
Bookkeeping: Rima Ingstad has completed the qualification courses for accountants organized by Klaipėda School of Accounting and has received a certificate of completion, which confirms the competence to provide for companies the accounting services and prepare financial statements. Rivilė's accounting program is used for the bookkeeping work.
Translations from Swedish to Lithuanian: Rima Ingstad has a Swedish language qualification certificate, issued by Vilnius University Scandinavistic Faculty, level B2.
Translation topics: medicine, construction, advertising, law, websites, IT, etc.
Price is: from 0,085 eur/ word.