Services/ Case studies

Contact LT UAB is a private company, established in 2002. Years 2008-2018 the company was and official Representative of South Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania. Now we don't limit ourself only with Swedish market, but are working also in other Scandinavian and Baltic countries and Great Britain.

Contact LT UAB supplies services in the following areas:
  • Searching and developing of business contacts between different countries' enterprises;
  • Supplying all types of information about the Lithuanian business market (juridical, commercial, import-export possibilities);
  • Market research;
  • Establishing of companies in Lithuania, finding premises, employees or bookkeeper;
  • Helping companies with business development, assisting with difficult situations between partners;
  • Organising business and cultural trips to Lithuania;
  • Organising business seminars and matchmakings, etc.;
  • Searching of commercial projects in Europe for European and Chinese investors;
  • Management Clubs activity;
  • Innovative Textile Cluster coordinator.
Contact LT UAB assists companies to understand international business, culture and mutual communication differences between Lithuania and other countries.

If you are looking for possibilities to find potential business partners in Lithuania or all the Baltic states, cooperate in textile projects, please contact us.

Some practical samples of Contact LT UAB activities:

Matchmaking of Lithuanian IT company with few customers in UK.

A Swedish company, manufacturing hydraulic valves, was interested to get in contact with Lithuanian companies manufacturing certain mechanical parts for their valves. Contact LT supplied Swedish company with a brief market review including 35 companies, carefully selected from the list of 700 Lithuanian companies in the certain area. The Swedish company by itself chose the most suitable companies from the list. Contact LT UAB assistance in this project was limited to find and select suitable Lithuanian companies. After that the Swedish company continued themselves.

Lithuanian metal company is producing articles for Swedish trade company. The companies didn’t met each other for a long time, but production continued with help of Contact LT UAB;

A Swedish company manufacturing machines for environmental care, was interested to find in Lithuania partner for selling their products in all the 3 Baltic countries. First Contact LT UAB supplied Swedish company with a brief market review including the list of potential representatives for environmental equipment distribution in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Later we contacted all the companies from supplied list, checking their interest in representing of Swedish company products. With the Swedish company we visited interested companies in Lithuania and Latvia.

Estonian grand industry market report. Contact LT UAB has supplied a branch organization in Gothenburg with names and activities of the main industries in Estonia.

Grand package: from market investigation to establishing of company in Lithuania. A Swedish company, selling original spare parts for computers, printers, photocopiers was interested to expand its business at the same time to Baltic States, Russia and Poland. Contact LT UAB offered a package of required services included: market investigation, recruitment specific investigation and to find employees, to establishing a company, to find an office and for all juridical consultations. Contact LT UAB supplied with all the package of services and managed to establish an office, the first before Russia and Poland.

Helping Swedish advertising agency to find partners in printing and textile business, establishing local company, checking printing quality, delivery control, helping with communication problems. Swedish company has production also in China, but prefers production in Lithuania for better quality, faster deliveries and smaller quantities;

Helping Swedish companies to find partners in textile area. Now Lithuanian textile companies have a lot to do because many countries turned from production in China to the Baltic States because of smaller quantities, shorter deliveries and better communication;

Finding of local constructors for to build houses in Sweden; connecting construction companies for common projects;

Finding of construction workers for work in Sweden;

Helping environmental company to find partners in Lithuania on dangerous waste care; helping in difficult situation because of payments;

Helping real estate developing company to find wooden houses producers;

Helping with buying of building materials – windows, doors, stairs, kitchens, metal elements, concrete or wooden houses elements;

Helping Swedish company to get in contact with Lithuanian State authorities in safe communication network area; finding of local partner; helping in participation at public tenders.

Culture project, connecting of Swedish businessman with Lithuanian sculptor;  Result of that – beautiful apple sculpture standing by the Kivik Hotel. Sculpture was opened by famous Swedish writer, program leader Björn Ranelid.

Contact LT UAB has organized many trips:
  • Trip for Malmö Rotary club; 
  • Trip for Senior Partners group;
  • Trip for Kristianstad Municipality City planning group;
  • Trip for Construction companies association;
  • Trip for Svenskt Näringsliv;
  • Trip for Honorary Consuls of Sweden;
  • Trip for Skåne Speditören;
  • Trip for Opera lovers;
  • Match-making of printing companies in Malmö;
  • Match-making of printing companies in Stockholm and Jonköping;
  • 2 Matchmakings for Swedish companies together with South Sweden Chamber of Commerce;
  • A lot of business trips visiting different Lithuanian companies.