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Working with so many Lithuanian companies by assisting foreign customers, Rima Ingstad got an idea to establish some networking activities, ther business leaders from different markets could meet and discuss their businesses actualities. 
The idea came to practice together with Vaidas Sliesoraitis, owner of Litfarma UAB, who was leader of one Management Club. Now Contact LT is administrating Executives Union activities. Union members are active business owners, board members, executive managers from various business areas. 
The main idea of the Union is sharing of open and confidential business experience, learning from each other together, and improve it through pleasant communication and nicely spend time.

Executives Union meetings are held every second Thursday of each month, from September to June inclusive.

The meetings are held at the Shakesphere hotel in Vilnius, starting with lunch and coffee breaks, and ending them with a dinner together with the speakers.

In the first part of the meetings, managers are speaking with each other about their businesses actualities, share relevant information and experience, discuss and, if necessary, advise each other. It is this opportunity to speak openly and confidentially, to consult with managers from various business areas and experiences that is the uniqueness and uniqueness of our Executives Union.

In the second part of the meetings, we listen to various speakers. Experienced entrepreneurs, representatives of state-owned enterprises, politicians, ambassadors, athletes, artists and other well-known people speak out for our members, as well as Union members.

In case of virtual meetings we take the opportunity to invite speakers from abroad.

We have plans to establish more Executives Unions.
Please see the moments from Executive Union members meetings: Photo gallery.

We strongly encourage active business leaders to join our business organisation. 
If interested, please kindly contact Rima by email: rima@contactlt.lt