EU Projektet

Under the InoConnect instrument, UAB Contact LT, who is coordinator of the innovative textile cluster "Innotekstil", has signed an agreement on the project "Partner Search for European Enterprise Network Events for the Development and Development of Innovative Design Technologies", with the Lithuanian Business Support Agency. Project funding is implemented from the European Regional Development Fund. The goal of the project is to develop international partnerships. During the project, the company has already participated in events such as the INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY 2018 in Vienna, the "Innovative Industries for Smart Growth" in Latvia, the "Brokarege event during the 4th Lingerie Industry Forum in Liepaja" in Latvia, and in the near future plans to participate in other International R & D Activities Initiative Events. During these visits Contact LT UAB plans to meet with potential partners: research institutions, companies or clusters working in the field of design and development of prototype and product design expertise. In total, looking for a collaborative opportunity, the company will visit 6 similar events. The whole world is moving towards innovative solutions. With the help of Inoconnect, the project is expected not only to find international partners, but also to learn the good practices of other countries and to use it to strengthen the competitiveness of our textile industry. Without the latest innovations, this industry may simply disappear, as has already happened in some European countries. It is expected that through active participation at the events it will be possible to achieve the foreseen goals and to sign at least one agreement with the international partners, a legally binding agreement, which would oblige the applicant and the international partner to jointly co-submit applications for the implementation of international R & D initiatives.